We burned our mortgage!
Amy Denney
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We burned our mortgage!

Bishop Roth: It's a good indicator for Peace

Bishop John Roth visited Peace on Nov. 19 as the congregation celebrated paying off its mortgage. 

He led a time of reflection about what it means to "burn a mortgage" before he and Council President Steward Sandstrom lit the "mortgage" and let it burn into the trash. 

Roth compared burning the mortgage and the financial health of a church to blood pressure and good health. Healthy blood pressure is just one indicator that lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke, but it's not a complete picture. Nor does having a healthy blood pressure reading mean the body is healthy. 

"Burning a mortgage, paying off a debt, is an indicator. It's a goal," Roth said. "An indicator tells a person...what are the odds of really achieving your goal.

"It is a terrific indicator because it is an indicator for the healthy and vibrant congregation that has freed itself from this constraint in order to pursue more fully glorifying God, building up the body of Christ and proclaiming Christ crucified and risen."

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