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Updates and plans

Thank God, I’m healthy again and thanks to our pastoral Bishop for recognizing my need.

What a lesson I learned! I can’t do what I used to be able to do 30 or 40 years ago. With the memory of how exhausted I was and reminders from my wife and family, I’m working hard not to over-work again.

My regular schedule will be:

Friday morning – drive from New Haven to Springfield
Monday evening – drive from Springfield to New Haven
The week of council meetings – I will drive to Springfield on Thursday morning

After two weeks of following this schedule, I think it will continue to be workable.

The unfortunate result of my over-working was that for 5 days after Christmas – when our sons and their families were in New Haven from their homes in Vermont and Texas – I was contagious with strep throat and a vicious cold virus. Since I missed most of our family gathering, Ann and I promised to visit our Texan and Green Mountain sons and their families as soon as we could. My brother in North Carolina, who had major surgery in January when I was not able to be with him, said I should visit him in the spring because North Carolina is on the way to Vermont. (He never was very good at geography!) Therefore, in renewing my contract to serve as interim pastor at Peace, I asked for the month of May off so that Ann and I could visit our
two sons and their families and also my brother.

Bishop Roth has arranged for Pastor Jim Lillie, who was here in January, to serve again during May. I will
return in June.

I am very pleased to see the progress that Peace has made in January and February. I am also pleased to be a part of this ministry again as we move toward God’s promised and preferred future for us.


Pastor Paul Schwartzkopf 

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