The Evangelism Committee shall develop ways to encourage the reception, orientation, integration, and retention of members. 
a. Reach out to inactive members.
b. Assure that this congregation's activities, community relations, and public announcements reflect this congregation's mission and vision.
c. Develop an effective evangelism ministry that includes media and interpersonal communication, mindful of the recommendations of the ELCA, and
d. Train and lead members of this congregation in open, inclusive, and mission-focused evangelism.


Chair: Debi Edmund
Secretary: Pete Ellertsen
Council Liaison: Ron Krause
Members: Lois McConomy, the Rev. Ron Moorman, Jim Newbanks, Jane Raschke
Ex officio: Pastor Paul Schwartzkopf
Website subcommittee: Sarah and Larry Bates, Ben Garrett, Pete Ellertsen


The committee’s 
regular monthly meeting is at 7 p.m. on the second Tuesday of the month at Peace Lutheran Church. Meetings are open to all members and friends of Peace Lutheran. Newcomers are welcome!


“Evangelism” comes from the Greek word euangelos, which means bringing good news. Pastor Bob Dealey, evangelism mission director for ELCA’s Central/Southern Illinois Synod, defines it like this: “Evangelism is ‘sharing the good news of God’s love with others in ways that invite them into a deeper relationship with God’.”

It includes things like designating greeters to welcome visitors before and after services, putting out pew cards and following up with phone calls and/or pastoral visits. But the literature suggests good evangelism grows out of a sense of community, and it grows out of common worship.

“Worship is evangelism. Evangelism is worship,” says Jennifer Phelps Ollikainen of Lutheran Congregational Services in Allentown, Pa. She suggests we start by asking “hard questions that get to the core of our faith”:

How deeply do we believe that what happens in worship in the community of Christ is the living, transformative encounter with the gospel of Jesus Christ? How do we show this belief to those who are outside of worship? Into what do we invite people through our evangelism efforts? How do we make clear that it isn’t about membership into a particular congregation or attendance in worship but rather deep transformation in our lives on account of the gospel of Jesus Christ?


Serving is a way to build the church and to build our personal relationship with Christ. We, at Peace, have many and varied opportunities for all. Coming up:

In the fall, we plan to host an evangelism training opportunity for all congregation members. It hasn’t been scheduled yet, so watch this space for the time, place and more details.


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